Barn Rules


Sweep up after your horse

Please clean up any hair, dirt or manure after grooming or riding your horse.

No open toed shoes! 

No open toe shoes. Saftey hazard if you get stepped on and protects your feet.

Turn off lights

After your ride make sure you turn off the lights when you are done. 

Children under 18 

Any children under 18 require supervision from an adult at ALL times. Helmets also required.


We have a designated smoking area on the property. So please no smoking near or inside ANY of the barns. 

Cross ties

Please don't leave your horse unattended on the cross ties please. 

Be respectful to all, we're all friends here


Handling horses

If  you are uncomfortable handling horses please ask the staff to help.  Safety is our #1 concern and we want you to feel as safe and comfortable  as possible.

Full/Half day turn out options

We  recommend halters come off during turn out in paddock of choice. If you  take your horse out, you have the option to put him/her back out. 

Release forms

All riders must have signed consent and release forms before riding on property.

Aisle ways 

Please no running through the barns, may scare horses inside. No mounting and riding though the barns at any time.


If  you are new to barns, call "door" when coming in or passing though to  warn other riders you are there. safety first. We have loner lunge lines  if you do not have your own.